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Stormbreak works with trusted adults in education, health and social care to support primary aged children's mental health and emotional wellbeing through movement. 

To find out more about any of programmes please get in touch with us at hello@stormbreak.org.uk. We'd love to hear from you.


Stormbreak Surge

Our sustainable and impactful whole school approach to embedding mentally healthy movement every day for every child.

Stormbreak Surge provides a comprehensive professional development programme for primary schools. Surge is a whole school approach, upskilling staff to sustainably implement stormbreak into the life of a school and for the benefit of all children.

  • Improves children’s wellbeing, resilience, relationships, self-care, self-worth and hope & optimism.
  • Supports children’s physical activity and readiness for learning.
  • Helps children recognise, respond and regulate their emotions.

Stormbreak Surge Light

Our online professional development programme giving primary schools a toolkit to utilise movement to support children’s mental health.

Stormbreak Surge Light is a self-led online digital learning programme for primary schools giving staff strategies, skills and delivery content to support children’s mental health through movement.

  • Accessible, simple, engaging, and inclusive mentally healthy movement programme.
  • Provides training and access to resources, tools and practical ideas.
  • Includes school engagement dashboard and digital tracking.

Stormbreak Together

Our specialist programme for parents and carers, providing them with knowledge, practical tools, skills and language to support the mental health of their children.

Stormbreak Together is our programme for families, parents/carers, trusted adults and organisations that provide support for children in the community.

  • Provides parents and carers with support and strategies to help them and their children.
  • Develops confidence to use movement to support children’s physical and mental wellbeing and cultivate happy, safe, valued environments for children to thrive.
  • Supports the strengthening of relationships within the family unit and placement stability for looked after children.

Stormbreak Shine

Digital pathways for trusted adults and children to do together; providing knowledge, skills and practical tools to support an emerging mental wellbeing need.

Shine is our digital referral tool for trusted adults to use with young children who may need extra help managing emotions and behaviours. An early intervention approach that is for use at home, in school or other children’s spaces. The tools are designed for any trusted adult to use.  

Stormbreak Shine is a digital referral tool for trusted adults to use with young children who may need extra help managing emotions and behaviours. Shine is an early intervention approach that can be used in  social, health and education settings, or at home, to promote mental health and emotional wellbeing. Using mentally healthy movement, stormbreak Shine teaches children to recognise their emotions, respond to their feelings and strategies to self-regulate.

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  • Digital tool for mental health practitioners to manage and support children.
  • Expert led, evidence-based programme content forming guided pathways that support early emerging mental health difficulties.
  • Digital pathways supporting common issues, eg, child anxiety, emergent neurodiverse conditions, focus and attention, self care, relationships.

Stormbreak Cloud

Our freely available digital resource hub supporting primary aged children’s mental health through movement.

Create a free account and gain access to our stormbreak resource hub providing trusted adults that work with, live with, care for and support  children aged 4 to 11 with stormbreak activity ideas, content and materials.

  • 100’s of stormbreak online activities to share to support children’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Developed and delivered by experts and professionals in education & children’s mental health.
  • Supports trusted adults to help children recognise, respond and regulate their emotions and behaviours.

Stormbreak Plus

Become a member of the stormbreak family and access our premium and enhanced content, resources, support and programmes to help children’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Stormbreak membership offers organisations even more support material and resources to support the children in their care. Additional materials include our Shine programme and new stormbreaks.

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  • Exclusive access to stormbreak Shine, our early intervention pathway digital programme supporting children with specific emerging emotional needs. We know helping children when they start to struggle is vital. Watch to find out more.
  • Access to our new premium stormbreak activity library including breath moves, play moves and sensory moves. We’ve developed an amazing new stormbreak library. We think you’ll love it! We’ll be adding new stormbreaks regularly.
  • Access to regular staff professional development webinars. We want to give you more intentional and focussed emotional wellbeing support.
  • A comprehensive library of stormbreak resources for you to display. We’ve got tonnes of helpful resources that’ll help you tell the stormbeak story in your school.

MyTime 2 stormbreak 

Stormbreaks developed in partnership with MYTIME Young Carers Charity. MYTIME exists to level the playing field for young carers of ages 5-25, by providing them with the support, opportunities and friendship that every child needs.


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  • Over 20 dedicated stormbreaks made by and for young carers.
  • Young carers face a unique set of challenges from their caring roles, in comparison to their peers.
  • These stormbreaks aim to support their emotional wellbeing and reduce feelings of isolation.