stormbreak Plus pricing

Please select the correct option based on the number of children on roll in your school

Schools with
150 or fewer pupils on roll

£200 PA

Schools with
151 - 300 pupils on roll

£350 PA

Schools with
301 or more pupils on roll

£500 PA

Other organisations
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to discuss pricing

“When we complete stormbreaks, we notice how different children are throughout the day. The children ask to do stormbreaks frequently. They are engaged and focused on learning afterwards. They seem really happy in the school days whenever they do stormbreaks.”

Primary School Teacher

“Stormbreak is so powerful in supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing. The children always ask to do more!”

Primary School Teacher

“We have found that conversations about mental health have increased. Our staff team is more aware of children’s mental health and wellbeing needs. Importantly, children are also more aware of their emotional needs since we have embedded stormbreak into our school.”

Primary School Teacher