More about this stormbreak

How can we feel good about ourselves?

Self-worth is knowing and understanding how we feel about ourselves inside and helps us know that we are important, special and that we matter. When we have self-worth we can believe in ourselves and feel happy and safe.

This stormbreak helps us enjoy times with others and feel special about who we are.

  • Self-worth is knowing that I matter
  • We can feel proud and accept compliments from others.
  • Allowing ourselves time to focus on our strengths and characteristics is important.

Try this next

Run on the spot for a few minutes, notice how your heart rate changes. Notice and feel your heartbeat and enjoy the feeling of being alive.

For parents: The concept of self-worth

For children to develop self-worth they need adults who nurture the children in their care. Children read body language and facial expressions of their trusted adults and internalise this as self-worth. They need to see facial expressions that show interest and delight in them, body language that shows warmth, connection and safety. The language we use needs to communicate to them that they are special, they matter and are valued.  How to help your children with self-worthRead our blog.

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